We offer small holes 12/16mm right up to 750mm diameter cores.

Wire sawing for giving access into concrete chambers and saving time and moving instead of 100’s of cored holes.

Floor Sawing for onsite Clients concrete roads and tarmac

Percussion drilling

Demolishing works breaking out concrete foundations, plinths, roadways, forming lift access.

Test cores to determine concrete properties

Drilling Specialists

Wherever there is a need to penetrate Concrete, Brickwork or almost any other material, APT Engineering Ltd has the skill and equipment to assist. We are able to make the way clear for electrical wiring in concrete floors and ceilings or for larger applications such as ventilation ducting. A recent project was to perforate a concrete bridge in Lincolnshire giving access for a 350 tonne lifting jack.

  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Stitch Drilling
  • Rock Drilling
  • Diamond Sawing
  • Specialist Anchors.